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Midweek Climb - Artist Point

September 24, 2015

I managed to talk Steve B and Mike R into taking a mid-week day off from work and join me on a ride up to Artist Point – the end of Highway 542, above the Mt. Baker Ski area.  The three days following the Autumnal equinox were predicted sunny and so we set off on the morning of Sept 23rd driving to the tiny town of Maple Falls, just six miles south of the US/Canada border. On these rides oftentimes the biggest logistics problem is simply finding a suitable place to leave the car, but on this occasion we had no such trouble as the super nice lady manning the Maple Falls Visitor Center invited us to park in their...

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Support a Pro

August 07, 2015

What I love most about cycling is the sense of community.  Whether you be a racer, a commuter, a cyclo-tourist, a randoneur, or a messenger, whether you ride carbon, steel, titanium or aluminum, whether you have thirty three gears or just one we're all in this together.  Here at Greenlite our number one purpose is to support and promote cycling - not simply cycling for sport but cycling as an everyday activity. At Greenlite we absolutely love bicycle racing.  The sport is physical, mental and emotional, it's an "all-in" experience, and like in most sports we have our elite professional athletes.  Like elite athletes in any sport bike pros give us a glimpse of what is possible while also providing us mortals with thrilling competition. ...

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