Greenlite, a collection of contemporary menswear built by hand in Seattle. At home in the city and in the mountains.  


True Cost

June 03, 2015

The purpose of GHI is to facilitate a more active lifestyle through cycling.  I didn't set out to make a political statement or change the world.  I made my products here in my hometown of Seattle because it felt right.  I use Swiss Schoeller fabric because I can stand behind it. I just finished watching the movie True Cost and I must say that I feel a bit vindicated.  Everyone to whom I spoke in the fashion industry has said that I must produce overseas if I want to even have a chance at success.  I'm holding firm on my business model of hometown production using the finest fabrics available.  Only 3% of garments sold in the US are made...

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Oh Solo Mio

May 04, 2015

When I ride alone, I prefer to be by myself.  One thing that I really enjoy is knocking off something that’s been on the hit list for some time. The idea of cycling Washington’s Mountain Loop Highway has been floating around in my head for three years now, and when I found myself with a free Saturday and a clear forecast I decided to turn the idea into a reality. I fancy myself a social guy, but having spent the past seventeen years as a stay-at-home parent and owner of a small one man-operation business I’ve grown comfortable with being alone. I decided to do the Loop trip solo in order to keep it simple: I could start and stop...

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